Thanksgiving was heavy. Heavy on the tryptophan and heavy on the fun. I am still adjusting to being awake for hours at a time. After eating two Thanksgiving dinners, in the same day, anyone would be tired! But there was also something else that was heavy and it was in the dressing bottle.
It is common knowledge that different densities of a fluid separate over time. People encounter this a lot in their kitchen, whether it is peanut butter, salad dressing, or the leftover fat and oil on a cooking pan. But did you know that the little flecks of pepper, paprika, poppyseed, or other particulates each have different bouyant forces. And it can be calculated if the values of ρ fluid and volume of object are known.
More amazing is the idea that when you squeeze that bottle and the dressing pours out there is a low velocity and high pressure at the bottom of the bottle but at the opening there is high velocity and low pressure. And you know what has no pressure, a VACUUM!
Although I was a very tired boy during the second feast, I was happy to know that I almost created a vacuum, in the sense of pressure. Twice! (two salads in one day)



I know I shouldn’t be taking pictures while driving, but it was a beautiful sun. Sadly my phone is has a poor quality camera, something like 1 megapixel (I don’t actually know). Anyways I was driving on this curve of Nimitz Highway near Zippy’s (I think) and always wondered why the road tipped one way as it went from one bend to the next. I always assumed it was the ground underneath that had that shape, basically I thought the construction workers were lazy and just laid down asphault anywhere. But now I know that construction workers are brilliant and amazing, they specifically banked the turn, or angled the curve inwards towards the center, so that cars will not drive off course.

Nimitz Highway

Nimitz Highway

If the curve had been flat and not banked then car would have to slow down to go around the bend safely. The frictional force which provides the car its stability on a banked turn would only work if it were greater than the centripetal force. μmg > (mvv)/r. But since the highway is banked the car would not have to tremendously slow down. Friction is accounted for again. Imagine Nascar and you get the idea of why banking is, so very important. I now have a greater respect for construction workers, but I have read that there has been slight miscalculations in many banked turns due to inefficient tools that could calculate the proper banking necessary. I hope we can easily solve this problem to decrease crashes.

Calculating the Best Angle

This past weekend, the c/o 2013 spent 3 days at KMC enjoying the cold, heat, fresh air, and blistering sun, but most of all each other. We bonded and made new bonds like carbon atoms sharing bond sites with mulitple atoms. The weather at night was blistering cold and the weather during the afternoon was blistering hot. Though discouraging the students had F=μN.

James and Alanna play pool. Aaron watches.

We had our fun in the game room each night. One of the more gentelmen of games offered was pool. Here we have Alanna calculating which angle to shoot the 8 ball to win the game. James is helping speed up the process. In the end she chooses the right pocket. In physics direction matters, in life that is the same case. In a game of pool momentum is conserved, after the cue ball hits another ball most of its momentum is transfered to the latter and the cue stops in motion. Alanna must first find the right angle to hit the 8 ball with the cue to pocket the ball. Before she hits she must give the cue ball the right velocity, otherwise the cue may fall into the same or another pocket. And since this is the 8 ball she must call a pocket that she aims for before she even hits the ball. The game of pool is very complex.
Alanna won in the end as she understood pool, angles, and force. Congrats!

Work Required

Universal Studios always attracts many gravity-loving adolescents looking for the fastest metal on metal soaring machines that can melt their fragile minds to goop and make their singing notes burst ears. In short, the place attracts people looking for roller coaster rides that can give them the best thrill. One common favorite is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Why do thrill seeker’s ride it more that once?

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

First it looks imposing, it is. Second it has music, it does. and Third it will make you scream, it will. Like climbing up a ladder the roller coaster requires more work to get to its maximum height, but it takes less time! W=Fd. The distance was minimal, but the force required was great because the mass that had to be pulled up was more than 10 persons, therefore there was a lot of Work done. And When the Ride stopped at the top it is a breathtaking view, and one should take in a deep breath because at that point there is a lot of potential energy, due to the height, mass and gravity (PE=mgh), ready to be transformed into kinetic energy. And with no breath it will be hard to scream as the speed of this drop felt like over 100 mph, I could imagine. The ride overall had a lot of work transformed over a very small amount of time, this was its power. I truly enjoyed the ride so much for this initial drop at the beginning that I rode it 2 times or was it 3?

May the Force be Greater!

Kualoa Ranch is a great place to spend a weekend. I recently spent two nights and three days on a campsite overlooking Kaneohe Bay. It was nice and peaceful. The sound of the wave lapping the shoreline, along with trees known for making the crisp sounds of rain drops. Many of my friends including myself were not very fond of the stray cats or random mongoose sightings as we thought it might peruse our food supply or even sneak into our tents while we sleep, which a mongoose attempted during the daytime.

My friends thought it would have been interesting to see if they could catch a mongoose. With a beautiful plan conjured in their immature minds, they put together a simple trap that I thought no mongoose would fall for. But as you can see in the picture this mongoose did. Newton’s second law states F=ma: Force = (mass)(acceleration).

Unfortunately to my friends, the trap was too slow in comparison to the nimbleness of this mongoose, as it took the bait and ran off with it (The after picture has no mongoose inside:). I predict that if we had taken the time to calculate the Force needed based on the mass of a object times the constant acceleration due to gravity, we could have had a better chance of catching that mongoose. Or we could have obtained a larger box of more surface area with the same mass and this would have accounted for the distance that the mongoose could cover in the time it took the box to fall. But in any case we were unsuccessful. As Boy Scouts we were not prepared for this endeavor as we did not have the proper equipment to mass objects. Some day stop buy Kualoa Ranch and camp, it is beautiful!

Projectiles to the Wall

Although I was practicing vigorously on my ping pong player skills, I was also contemplating how to show my view of projectile motion. Without knowing it struck me, I had hit the ball too hard and it hit me in my chin. But more importantly, I had an idea to bounce that same ball against a wall and merge the jpegs together to form an overlapping photo with the path well defined. I also attempted to depict mulitple balls but the overlapping confused me of their paths.

It is common knowledge that a ball’s path can be projected graphically. But when thought about mathematically, it seems complicated, but it is not. Remember one variable. Acceleration due to gravity on Earth is generally -9.8 meters per second per second. Another thing to keep in mind is that his motion is seperate, the x and y components are distinct. The horizontal x component has a constant motion forward to the wall and away, and a specific distance covered. The vertical y component, completely independent of x, is constantly affected by gravity, thus having a changing y velocity. With all of these components one can find the magnitude and direction of my projectile. But I will leave that problem for the reader. Enjoy!

Kinematics on Pills

Chinese interpretation of an Otis Elevator?

On my Root-seeking Trip to China, we split ourselves into groups with the local students. In these groups we ventured to various local sites, which were common activities in their daily lives. One of these places had been Lihue Mall.The fascinating parts of the mall included the dome top of the mall and the upward/downward sloping FLAT escalators (like the walking escalators one might see in an airport, but sloping), yet the greatest oddity of the mall were the pill shaped elevators. They were different from the typical cubes and prisms we see in our bustling malls.Both pills began at the bottom, but the left pill had taken in more passengers and delaying its ascents were parts of my group and the local student group. Each pill ascended, but both would end up having the same zero displacement in the end as it is on a fixed cable. But neither of them had the same average velocity, which I noticed when both ascended and did not keep the same distance between them.Now that I recall this event, the groups were heading to the top most floor, where we all (I joined later) enjoyed the large arcade room.