I was a kid and I remember fusion like this,

I do not own this.source www.fanpop.com source Dragon Ball Z show.

I do not own this.
source http://www.fanpop.com
source Dragon Ball Z show.

The fusion I want to talk about is the same idea. We are combining two atoms to create a larger atom and lots of energy. Here is my design,

Fusion Reaction

Fusion Reaction

I learned that the most seen and active fusion reactor in our lives is in our solar system, the Sun. Our Sun combines the many hydrogens to form helium and create large amounts of energy. But it can also combine other elements not restricted to hydrogen. The idea can be understood in my fusion reaction and a cartoon I watched. Here I have two identical pieces that combine at high velocities. The impact “fuses” the two elements together creating a heavier element that is different from the original two. Upon creation, the element ejects a large quantity of energy as depicted by the small orange dot near the newly created “face” element. Like in the cartoon the fusion of Goten and Trunks gives them a lot more energy than they had separately: Gotenks, he was called.



This Spring Break was packed with fun. I went on hikes, dinners, beaches, talked with family and friends, drove around, and more. A few days ago, I went to see “Oz: The Great and Powerful”, which was okay. I took a picture at the last scene to describe the science behind the theatre.

IMG_0236 When the lights are on everything in the room is a dark color, dark red or dark black. The objective is to have no reflections in the room other than from the screen which is white when the lights are on. The three fundamental colors of light red, blue, and green are used to form every other color projected onto the screen. The screen is then able to reflect every color back to our eyes because it is white. This is the idea of addition. Like a painter adds colors to a white canvas, colors of the visible spectrum is added to a white projector screen which we see. The dark walls should absorb all light, so anything reflected onto it is absorbed and not reflected.

Although in this picture the ceiling above takes on a red color because the ceiling is a dark red carpet and will absorb every other color, but red which is reflected.


When at school, I laugh at the students who attempt to fix themselves through a school window. The window is two-way and yet students can see themselves in it without noticing the people behind it.
In this photo I am adjusting myself in a Castle Building window. The sun produced light which bent through the front doors then reflected off the floor. There was also light produced from the ceiling fixtures. This combination created a “mirror”. Reflection is possible because light hits the glass at a certain angle. Because of that special angle the window then acts like a planar mirror. The image created is virtual and same distant away from mirror to object. Sometimes the glass does not produce an image.
Mr. Snell had performed many experiments to develop a way to find the index of refraction. With this knowledge we know the index of refraction of glass, and this can determine the angle in which light is internally reflected. This angle is the same angle in which I could see myself in the picture.
I hope students are more aware that the windows are two-way and will steer clear from embarrassing motions in front of it.

Everyday reflection

Needle Compass

Out of the myriad of skills the Boy Scouts has taught me, I remember the compass. How to use it, when to use it, and of course how to make one. Now that I am older I kinda wonder why we would make a compass out of a needle when we could use the magnet that magnetized the needle to begin with. Probably because the magnet itself is too big to float on a leaf or more likely the needle is aesthetically pleasing as one side will have pointed end and the opposite would have a bulky end.
Just to open up old memories I have made a compass for myself. I took a labeled magnet of south and north. Rubbed/stroked the south end on the pointy end of the needle 50 times and 20 times more for good luck. Brought an outside leaf placed it gently in a bowl of water along with my needle. As suspected and experimented on for centuries the needle slowly moved toward north, that is the south polarity of the Earth. What occurred to my iron made needle was an aligning of the domains, which before were pointing any which way. After which to be sure it pointed in the right direction I took out my handy compass. It was the same. Science did not fail. IMG_0123

Electric Driving

This past Friday I had the opportunity to spend the night out with friends just before the big Regional Science Olympiad Competition. Not the greatest idea, but it was refreshing. I studied for 2 hours after school with Dr. Lindsay for Circuit Lab, so I think it was a much needed treat. We decided to spend the night at Punahou Carnival as it would be our last in a long time depending on where we go for college. Don’t get me wrong, we do not like Punahou, think about it as us investing in the future of those Punahou students. We are promoting private education, so Punahou can provide financial support to those students in need.
Back to the topic at hand. Among the many rides that we rode we enjoyed “Scooter” the most. Apparently this the the real name as opposed to Bumper Cars, which it is commonly misnamed. The ride reminded me of a lab in Physics class. We learned about circuits, and the only way to have a functioning circuit is if it is if their is a potential difference. The cars only work if one end touches the top and the opposite touches the bottom this is the complete circuit from electric socket to motor back to socket. There is a potential difference between the roof and the floor, the electricity then is able to flow freely from one end to the next. I also noticed that the motor always had an initial jump or acceleration after pressing the “gas”, I would have to guess that among the components in the car there was a capacitor. The capacitor would stabilize the current that flowed through it and also give the car an initial kick after each press of the pedal.
It was another fun day with friends with physics applied. I didn’t take a picture of the crowd, but if I had it would have been a perfect example of current. When there are a lot of excited students at carnival and not a lot of room the current of the students or flow rate is unnaturally slow.

Jasmine and Lisa

Jasmine and Lisa

Static Shock!

When I was a child I used to spend my Friday evenings and Saturday mornings watching shows. Typical. Nothing special. But I did not watch anything that ended up on my screen. I selected certain channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel, and of course Cartoon Network. I think that was what it was called or was it Toonami at the time. Well, I remember this one show where a regular teenage boy obtains powers from a mutagen gas. He became “Static Shock” with the ability of controlling electricity.
One of the first episodes had him getting up one morning and everything would cling to him due to his highly negative charge. Because he had this attractive ability he named himself Static. I think it was once explained how he flies on foil, but it escapes me. But I believe he applied the same concept when he strikes his foes and attaches them to ceilings with only static cling, like a balloon charged and placed on a projector screen.

I do not own this.

Now that I reflect on this character and his abilities, most of it seems improbable, especially the ability to shoot a charge from his body. Maybe in the far distant future someone will develop power into reality, for justice of course.


On my flight to the Big Island I took some pictures because I thought cloud form was odd. In this scene alone, I see so many differences. But clouds start to look repetitive after awhile, so why did I continue to ogle. I was diverting my attention from that crazed noise in the background. On every plane I have stepped foot on, there is a very high pitch noise in the background. I don’t know what it is? It could be the wind rushing past the hull, the A/C rushing out to grace uncomfortable passengers with their presence, or the engines as they work their coils off to make the plane fly fast, in this case about 500 mph (223 m/s).



High pitch? Pitch refering to the frequency, period, and wavelength. I think the plane is emitting something that has very high frequency, short periods, and short wavelengths which is audible to me, and hopefully others (proves I am not crazy).  Why does it annoy me? I suppose my hearing threshold for pain is very low or my sensitivity to prolonged noise is menacing to my brain, either way there must be a solution. One solution: stuffing ears full of plastic, with the possibility of permanently damaging the inner ear. No! Why can’t the airplanes be fixed? Or maybe I should just travel by sea?