I was a kid and I remember fusion like this,

I do not own this.source www.fanpop.com source Dragon Ball Z show.

I do not own this.
source http://www.fanpop.com
source Dragon Ball Z show.

The fusion I want to talk about is the same idea. We are combining two atoms to create a larger atom and lots of energy. Here is my design,

Fusion Reaction

Fusion Reaction

I learned that the most seen and active fusion reactor in our lives is in our solar system, the Sun. Our Sun combines the many hydrogens to form helium and create large amounts of energy. But it can also combine other elements not restricted to hydrogen. The idea can be understood in my fusion reaction and a cartoon I watched. Here I have two identical pieces that combine at high velocities. The impact “fuses” the two elements together creating a heavier element that is different from the original two. Upon creation, the element ejects a large quantity of energy as depicted by the small orange dot near the newly created “face” element. Like in the cartoon the fusion of Goten and Trunks gives them a lot more energy than they had separately: Gotenks, he was called.


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