This Spring Break was packed with fun. I went on hikes, dinners, beaches, talked with family and friends, drove around, and more. A few days ago, I went to see “Oz: The Great and Powerful”, which was okay. I took a picture at the last scene to describe the science behind the theatre.

IMG_0236 When the lights are on everything in the room is a dark color, dark red or dark black. The objective is to have no reflections in the room other than from the screen which is white when the lights are on. The three fundamental colors of light red, blue, and green are used to form every other color projected onto the screen. The screen is then able to reflect every color back to our eyes because it is white. This is the idea of addition. Like a painter adds colors to a white canvas, colors of the visible spectrum is added to a white projector screen which we see. The dark walls should absorb all light, so anything reflected onto it is absorbed and not reflected.

Although in this picture the ceiling above takes on a red color because the ceiling is a dark red carpet and will absorb every other color, but red which is reflected.


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