Static Shock!

When I was a child I used to spend my Friday evenings and Saturday mornings watching shows. Typical. Nothing special. But I did not watch anything that ended up on my screen. I selected certain channels like History Channel, Discovery Channel, and of course Cartoon Network. I think that was what it was called or was it Toonami at the time. Well, I remember this one show where a regular teenage boy obtains powers from a mutagen gas. He became “Static Shock” with the ability of controlling electricity.
One of the first episodes had him getting up one morning and everything would cling to him due to his highly negative charge. Because he had this attractive ability he named himself Static. I think it was once explained how he flies on foil, but it escapes me. But I believe he applied the same concept when he strikes his foes and attaches them to ceilings with only static cling, like a balloon charged and placed on a projector screen.

I do not own this.

Now that I reflect on this character and his abilities, most of it seems improbable, especially the ability to shoot a charge from his body. Maybe in the far distant future someone will develop power into reality, for justice of course.


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