On my flight to the Big Island I took some pictures because I thought cloud form was odd. In this scene alone, I see so many differences. But clouds start to look repetitive after awhile, so why did I continue to ogle. I was diverting my attention from that crazed noise in the background. On every plane I have stepped foot on, there is a very high pitch noise in the background. I don’t know what it is? It could be the wind rushing past the hull, the A/C rushing out to grace uncomfortable passengers with their presence, or the engines as they work their coils off to make the plane fly fast, in this case about 500 mph (223 m/s).



High pitch? Pitch refering to the frequency, period, and wavelength. I think the plane is emitting something that has very high frequency, short periods, and short wavelengths which is audible to me, and hopefully others (proves I am not crazy).  Why does it annoy me? I suppose my hearing threshold for pain is very low or my sensitivity to prolonged noise is menacing to my brain, either way there must be a solution. One solution: stuffing ears full of plastic, with the possibility of permanently damaging the inner ear. No! Why can’t the airplanes be fixed? Or maybe I should just travel by sea?


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