Calculating the Best Angle

This past weekend, the c/o 2013 spent 3 days at KMC enjoying the cold, heat, fresh air, and blistering sun, but most of all each other. We bonded and made new bonds like carbon atoms sharing bond sites with mulitple atoms. The weather at night was blistering cold and the weather during the afternoon was blistering hot. Though discouraging the students had F=μN.

James and Alanna play pool. Aaron watches.

We had our fun in the game room each night. One of the more gentelmen of games offered was pool. Here we have Alanna calculating which angle to shoot the 8 ball to win the game. James is helping speed up the process. In the end she chooses the right pocket. In physics direction matters, in life that is the same case. In a game of pool momentum is conserved, after the cue ball hits another ball most of its momentum is transfered to the latter and the cue stops in motion. Alanna must first find the right angle to hit the 8 ball with the cue to pocket the ball. Before she hits she must give the cue ball the right velocity, otherwise the cue may fall into the same or another pocket. And since this is the 8 ball she must call a pocket that she aims for before she even hits the ball. The game of pool is very complex.
Alanna won in the end as she understood pool, angles, and force. Congrats!


Work Required

Universal Studios always attracts many gravity-loving adolescents looking for the fastest metal on metal soaring machines that can melt their fragile minds to goop and make their singing notes burst ears. In short, the place attracts people looking for roller coaster rides that can give them the best thrill. One common favorite is the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Why do thrill seeker’s ride it more that once?

Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

First it looks imposing, it is. Second it has music, it does. and Third it will make you scream, it will. Like climbing up a ladder the roller coaster requires more work to get to its maximum height, but it takes less time! W=Fd. The distance was minimal, but the force required was great because the mass that had to be pulled up was more than 10 persons, therefore there was a lot of Work done. And When the Ride stopped at the top it is a breathtaking view, and one should take in a deep breath because at that point there is a lot of potential energy, due to the height, mass and gravity (PE=mgh), ready to be transformed into kinetic energy. And with no breath it will be hard to scream as the speed of this drop felt like over 100 mph, I could imagine. The ride overall had a lot of work transformed over a very small amount of time, this was its power. I truly enjoyed the ride so much for this initial drop at the beginning that I rode it 2 times or was it 3?